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About Us

Consumer Demand

Phyto Natural Solutions came to be, as an answer to consumer demand for the all natural mosquito repellent for a device whose manufacturer had gone out of business.  Many consumers had spent more than $300 on equipment, and could not purchase repellent refills for it.  

Since 2017, we have offered the strongest formulation of the original supplied repellent, matched drop for drop.  Our hope and prayer, is to never cease offering this repellent because, we love and use it too!

Real Consumer's Comments

"This product works fantastically well, has a pleasant odor, and has allowed us to enjoy dinners outside again without any worry for icky mosquito bites."  -Denver, CO

"FINALLY, a product that truly 'repels' mosquitos!"  -Bedford, TX

"I have tried every mosquito product there is but, this one is the best one yet."  -Dallas, TX

"The Phyto Mosquito Natural Repellent really does the job!"  -Bradenton, FL

100% All Natural

The 100% green, organic, non-GMO, natural plant oils used in Phyto Mosquito repellent have been proven effective by both field and university testing.  The primary anti-mosquito ingredient is significantly more effective than DEET (used in Off!) and Citronella, the two most widely used repellents in the world.


The fastest, easiest way to take back your environment from biting mosquitoes.


Protect Your Family and Pets-- 

Keep Them Worry-Free.


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